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thing on your agenda. what is the president missing? >> needs to understand that the economy is the number-one issue, does not matter if you are woman or man. the problem is we need jobs. >> but he has no plan. this is all about distracting, turning your attention to something that he thinks you will like instead of a job. it's let them eat cake. gerri: jason. >> the frivolity of his campaign. it's binders full of women, bayonets, big bird, and at the top of this message that we are comparing a sexual experience to voting for barack obama. i think the analogy is apropos because another four years of barack obama will be painful. gerri: we have a gallup tracking poll with from the leading obama 51-46%. and yet in the desperation that we are talking about, you luded to it, but we did not say it. the comment from the president about romney calling him of the answer. now he used the word. the president used the word. >> the president of the united states. gerri: what does that tell you? >> what is interesting about all of these, wht they're showing is that the debates, a lot of i
and then you. >> we all want an adult. these are important issues facing the world from the economy and home to the threats abroad, and to have somebody in there who is pretending and playing in joking around, i don't think it cts within months serious people. gerri: that is the way it feels. >> i don't even think he's a hipster. i think he is a phony all-around . david stern, the nba commissioner saying he is described pretty much when he plays basketball, the guy where's mom jeans. i don't even -- [talking over each other] gerri: you made fun of my jeans. >> is see a hipster are not? gei: i'm sorry. that was just crew of me, but i could not make fun -- could not help myself. a quick round here. who is going to win? >> we are close. >> romney has the momentum. obama has to break romney's momentum. i don't see how does that. >> romney. gerri: jason. >> and going to have to go with romney. the momentum is on his side in every single swing state. gerri: all right. we will hold you to that, and if you're not right we will bring you back. thanyou so much for coming on tonight. great job. i'm sor
already struggling economy? storm the cost about $20 billion in damage. some predict 30 billion. in last business activity for more joining me now maryland economist, peter morici. welcome back, you had a number i saw nowhere else in estimates total costs, of this storm, you said 35 to 45 billion-dollars, how do you get there? >> we will have about 20 million in property loss. initial estimates are 5 to 10, for irene they were 7, but irene was closer to 20, i think they will be as bad. but now, look at all stores that are closed, flights that have not gone out, hotels and businesses onshore and new york city that are down for 4 days, that is a loss of income. that is 20 billion that gets me to 40. gerri: wow, okay that makes sense. people underestimate the costs. i read new york city alone is an economy with $4 billion that pumps out $ 4 billion every day, times 5 is $20 billion, not just damage you repair. it is also the loss of productivity, workdays, loss payroll, it could be far more devastating than we've been talking babout, you also said, in short term painful but longer term we g
and was importance to the city's economy added $370 million for runners and race fans. but proceeding to new york city boroughs sunday when many of them have been declared disaster areas, homes destroyed, boardwalks missing, residents without food, power or water was a repulsive idea to some. >> no one else has been here. i have not heard from fema, the coast guard, no one. it is startling. >> very angry and fed up. what are we, is this america? i don't know. i don't know. i don't like it. we are going downhill. >> i came here four or five years ago, expected we came here for a better life, opportunity, and this is what we come from. this is ridiculous. not how its supposed to be. gerri: it wasn't just residents. take a look at the front page of "the new york post." an abuse of power, there were two generators being used for the marathon to power the media tent. a third backup generator that wasn't being used. for more on this, joined by adam shapiro in staten island where he has been reporting all day long, and editor-in-chief of runner's world which follows all of this. i will start with you, w
going forward with this will do to your local economy, particularly if you have a small business. forecast cash flows. affect consumers in your area if your business to business type of an operation. most importantly you have to preserve your data. small businesses really need to use cloud computing solutions to get their hardware and software of premising get into a military strength facility. situations in new york, customers that have websites hosted in data centers in downtown manhattan. it's a disaster. gerri: the other thing that is fascinating, one copy of everything. >> it has to be backed up. i can't believe how many doctors, dentists, lawyers, gee, i have back up. i have an assistant that goes into my tower and my desk, copies of cd-rom picks at home. that is not back up. gerri: you're sick with that idea. i love that. mobil payment systems are good. business interruption service. fortunately we will have to leave it there. thank you for coming in. a lot of people listening to every word you said. >> thank you. gerri: hurricanes in the minimum sum the campaign trail wit
on our first responders. more about the impact on our economy and i'm transportation. the election will take care of itself next week. gerri: jonathan, the seas for the presidents look presidential. >> i think he has been looking presidential for four years, but i'm biased. there is no doubt he is concerned about the disaster and what could happen. but in a disaster presidents look presidential and the nation says to rally around them. so -- gerri: the natural course of things would be an advantage for the president right here. >> in the early days to short. gerri: tommy what you make of this. the president saying things that are pretty predictable. does it work in his favor? >> in the short run it certainly does, because he does look presidential. at the same time, though, we are taking the news cycle of life for mitt romney's momentum in the polls. as we saw today, leading for the first time in several weeks. this hurts him in the short run and serve meals president obama, assuming nothing bad happens. if you have a gap like president bush was tagged with during hurricane to trea
economy and drench a recovery. ♪ neil: all right. we talked about five deaths reported in new york is a result of this disaster. do you know that three of them were when a tree fell on the home in flushing greens and another, two people killed in a vehicle when a tree fell on their car in new jersey. it is always something. a vehicle, house, a tree. we told you about this train. they have evacuated a hotel that is near that. do we know the hotel itself? i'm having a guess it would be a hotel on central park south. they call it 157 because it is on 57 street with a view of central park. very swanky real estate. i guess evacuated from a hotel near this for fear that the crane was going to draw upon them. i don't know whether they are still evacuating or have been rehouse are real hotels, whenever the word is, in another facility, but they are looking at that and trying to find out how bad that green is damaged and whether it could come back to life. you can see it's weighing in the wind right there. i'm told by engineers at the scene that it might sway, but there is no chance that it
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)